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Graduating from either High School or College is a huge milestone in a young person’s life. It’s also one of those proud moments that parents look forward to. Your graduate has a large amount of personality that's just waiting to come out and what better way to capture those moments as keepsakes than with Senior Portraits or Grad Photos?

RivieraPhotography can photograph candid school graduation portraits on graduation day. Contact us and schedule your graduation ceremony portraits.

Things your senior should consider for the day of the photo session
What colors photograph well and which ones don’t?
Clothing options for females
Clothing options for males
What kind of footwear should they war?
Can I wear about my cap and gown?
What about other issues that can affect my photos?
How do we handle those who wear glasses or braces?
What hair styles work best? 

Book Us for your Graduation Day Celebration. We will photograph each student as they receive their diploma during the ceremony. Contact us for availability and affordable pricing.

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